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Comparison of Node JS Developer Salary Rates

Research from Indeed indicated that queries for Node.js developer roles grew by 57% over the last few years. You can expect it to retain or even exceed its current popularity. That’s why this guide is meant to show you the fundamentals of hiring Node.js developers, one of the most in-demand tech roles today. We also ran an outlier analysis to identify data points skewing the distribution of salaries. These points were removed from the final dataset to ensure that the amounts represent Node.js developers in Germany. We’ve also included the 25th and 75th percentiles to give you further information about the distribution of salary data.

While a good interview process with a recruitment ask goes a long way, you can always try other efficient methods, such as a paid programming Node.js development task. Paid programming involves two developers working at the same time where one codes and the other reviews line by line. It better simulates real-time actions and skills as well as the ability to handle pressure, but these same factors may lead to poor results in otherwise great candidates, so tread with caution. When it comes to developing new software products, the choice of development tools is of paramount importance.

Typical Salary Difference by Education for Most Careers

Specializing in a job like Node.js development, or anything similar, is often the best choice if you want to get paid fairly for the time you spend learning the tool. Since Node.js development is a more specialized job, it’s very likely to have a higher salary. As a Node.js developer, you’ll usually work on the server-side of things, but you’ll likely collaborate with frontend developers. In this way, Node.js development is very much like a more specialized form of full-stack development.

Robust problem-solving and analytical skills that help them better collect and analyze data as well as deal with the challenges they’re expected to face on the job regularly. Another critical role that Node.js developers need to handle is the storage of electronic data in a machine-readable format that’s easy to access and always reliable. Additionally, Node.js developers working from remote locations can earn from $100,000 to $433,000 per year according to the same source. A full stack developer would have roles in all three layers of the stack. Caroline, JP and the Revelo team showed a flexible and personalized approach to helping Carnegie Learning navigate both a talent sourcing strategy and execute on that strategy with success.

Node.js Developer Salaries by Experience

Node.js is therefore often used with other JavaScript-based technologies, such as the MEAN stack. Indeed doesn’t have specific data for years of experience or location, and it contains no data on the salaries of Node.js programmers, only broader categories. We searched “Backend developer”, which the site claims earn an average of $127,202, which strikes us as about what someone with 7-9 years of experience could expect.

What is the salary of node JS developer

Learn more about our current job openings and benefits of working at FSL. To understand how competitive is to find a Node Developer job you need to know how many applicants are applying in average per each job every month. Node.js is a backend JavaScript runtime environment — a program that allows you to write both server-side and client-side JavaScript outside of the web browser.

Nodejs Developer Average Hourly Wage in France

Their main task is to ensure high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end. If you are interested in last year’s salary data, consider the information provided by Stack Overflow. That’s why a Node coder has to be competent in interpreting existing API codes and adopting them. A Node.js coder with this skill makes the development process quicker and more efficient. The whole HR process is very fast and smooth – just leave your requirements on the website and you will be immediately contacted.

What is the salary of node JS developer

Now that you know what to look for in Node.js engineers of various seniority levels let’s discuss the employment models you can follow when engaging them. A good understanding of one or more programming languages other than JS—PHP, C, Python, Ruby, etc. So, skilled professionals can pick and choose, and the companies that want to attract and retain talent have to raise salaries. However, moving your R&D center from the Bay Area to Portland might not be the only solution. Let’s take a look abroad and see what major outsourcing hubs have to offer.

Android Developer

As you can see, when outsourcing to Europe, you can save up to 20–-30% while still engaging experienced Node.js developers for your project. As an example, based on that same PayScale report, software engineers in the San Francisco Bay Area earn 30% more than the median pay across the country. In Seattle, Washington, and New York, such talents earn 17% and 14% more, respectively.

  • Since its initial release in 1995, JavaScript has become the ubiquitous language of the world wide web, powering all web browsers across all devices and operating systems.
  • Tech jobs are complex and overlapping, and the right Node.js developers won’t be able to reach you if you don’t show them that you’re looking for what they got.
  • Overall, Junior Node.js developers earn about $85,78 and Senior Node.js developers earn about $116,690.
  • Finally, as Node.js developers are expected to work with others in the tech stack, spend some time talking to references and others the candidate has worked with in the past.
  • Many respondents may earn significantly more or significantly less than these averages.
  • It’s a server-side JavaScript run-time environment that allows JavaScript codes to be executed on the server-side.

You have a basic knowledge about the programming language of choice and its libraries. You are an expert in DDD or TDD, you spread the knowledge about good practices and clean code inside the company. Yes, if for any reason you find the developer you hire isn’t a good fit Node.js Developer job within the first 14 days – you pay nothing or we can find you a replacement at no additional cost. Proven proficiency with Javascript and variants like CoffeeScript or IcedCoffeeScript. Discuss with key stakeholders in your tech stack to identify specific ones you need.

Related Skills by Salary

These are just some of the pay factors that shape the average Node.js developer salary across the US. In order to get a complete picture of how devs skilled in this technology are paid across the world, we have made even more thorough research on Node JS developer salary in different countries. It is based on a middle-level programmer wage since senior and junior JavaScript developer salary can be very different for different companies and different projects. However, other major job portals like Glassdoor and Indeed provide different figures. For example, Glassdoor states that the national average Node.js developer salary is $88,028 in the US, with senior software engineers earning up to $114,000 annually.

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