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My use case is to search for edge_ngrams with synonym support where the tokens to match should be in sequence. In programming this is often used to add one, for example in a loop. In your shoe example you are essentially doing the same, you start with some size and increase by one until it fits. Definition and synonyms of increment from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. DisclaimerAll content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.

My use case is to replace the tokens using a dictionary . Shoe size may be graded in length- perhaps increased by one cm/m or any unit. Well, ‘go (up|down)’ is somewhat colloquial but it’s not so informal as ‘upsize’, ‘+1ed’, &c. As long as you’re not trying to stay latinate just to sound smarter, it should be fine. No, it doesn’t, but not because the second ‘size’ disappeared.

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Bottomline is that the synonym_graph filter should be able to consume graphs and stacked positions, otherwise its use is very limited. Synonyms are created by people in the organization and loaded into a new index every 3 hours. Since we’re not in full control of this file, plus the people that enter them don’t have any knowledge of Elasticsearch internals, it’s hard to filter out these synonyms before creating an index.

  • Pattern The regular expression to test against each token, as per java.util.regex.Pattern.replacement A string to substitute in place of the matched pattern.
  • Synonyms are created by people in the organization and loaded into a new index every 3 hours.
  • This type of stemmer is not as accurate as a table-based stemmer, but is faster and less complex.
  • Thus, staff who receive an annual increment should notify their Tax Office each year that their superannuation payments have increased.

It’s unnatural because you’re using the past tense to propose tentative solutions—not to report the final answer—but talking about those tentative solutions as though they were final. A one-size adjustment might’ve still been too (small|large). @Gooseberry in a computer science or programming context 1 is the default value when speaking of increment and decrement operators.

the amount by which something increases

It is required otherwise you’ll index terms that you cannot search. I think that your problem here is different, you want to apply a word_delimiter and a synonym increment synonym filter in the same chain but they don’t work well together. You’ll need to make sure that your synonym rules contains already delimited input/output.

Tokens that start with non-numeric characters and end with digits will have an underscore inserted before the numbers. This filter applies a regular expression to each token and, for those that match, substitutes the given replacement string in place of the matched pattern. Tokens which do not match are passed though unchanged.

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The value “auto” will allow the Filter to identify the language, or a comma-separated list can be supplied. The word “increment” is derived from the Latin word incrementum, meaning “a step up”. In mathematics, an increment is simply a step in a sequence of numbers.

The whitespace tokenizer is used here to preserve non-alphanumeric characters. Word Delimiter Filter has been deprecated in favor of Word Delimiter Graph Filter, which is required to produce a correct token graph so that e.g., phrase queries can work correctly. This filter trims leading and/or trailing whitespace from tokens. Most tokenizers break tokens at whitespace, so this filter is most often used for special situations. If tokenizerFactory is specified, then analyzer may not be, and vice versa. If the token matches any of the words, then all the words in the list are substituted, which will include the original token.

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If true, an error while reading an affix rule causes a ParseException, otherwise is ignored. The phonetic tokens have a position increment of 0, which indicates that they are at the same position as the token they were derived from . Note that “Kuczewski” has two encodings, which are added at the same position. This filter discards, or stops analysis of, tokens that are on the given stop words list. A standard stop words list is included in the Solr conf directory, named stopwords.txt, which is appropriate for typical English language text. Be aware that your results will vary widely based on the quality of the provided dictionary and rules files.

increment synonym

The rate of phonological development within short time increments and the identification of possible speech constraints motivating slow development of expressive language were examined. @jimczi This is a way better explanation of the same issue as I’ve been having. This change in synonym analysis is limiting the way synonyms can be used. Note that this setup is without the graph versions of delimiter&synonyms. You might try replacing the “synonym” token filter with “synonym_graph” followed by “flatten_graph”? These newer filters are included in your ES version.

The class attribute names a factory class that will instantiate a filter object as needed. Filter factory classes must implement the org.apache.solr.analysis.TokenFilterFactory interface. Like tokenizers, filters are also instances of TokenStream and thus are producers of tokens.

I have tried that too but the similar behaviour is happening. Token positions are getting incremented in case the input stream of tokens have multiple tokens at the same position. Notice how in Case1 the token begin and start when replaced have the same position and there is no position increment. However in Case 2, when begin token is replaced by start the position got incremented for the subsequent token stream. Also, as a native speaker, that second example, “If the shoe didn’t fit, the shoe size was increased by one,” sounds perfectly natural to me (per the OP’s concluding question).

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